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MSC Mediterranean 11 large ship orders yuba soup

Le 31 octobre 2017, 08:08 dans Humeurs 0

Mediterranean shipments of 11 large container ships may be due to the DPRK's sixth nuclear test and wasted. North Korea's nuclear test has a huge impact, not only threatening peace and stability in East Asia, but also to the Korean shipbuilding industry has brought a blow.

According to reports, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding was originally expected to receive from the Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) of 11 large container ship orders, however, the Mediterranean shipping on the grounds of the North Korean issue delayed the signing of the contract.

On September 5, a member of the Korean shipbuilding industry revealed that Mediterranean Shipping was of the opinion that the advance payment for the shipment of the ultra-large container ship was issued by the Korea Industrial Bank (KDB), which was essentially guaranteed by the Korean government but the North Korean nuclear The test made the Korean government "endorsement" no longer as safe as ever.

Previously, the news that the Mediterranean shipping plan in South Korea to order 11 22000TEU container ship orders, the total value of about 1.5 billion US dollars, of which Samsung Heavy Industries received six, Daewoo shipments of the remaining five. For the Korean shipbuilding industry, this contract is significant, will be able to eliminate last month in the fleet of nine large container ship orders in the competition lost to China's shame.

However, after the DPRK's third nuclear test on 3 September, the military and geopolitical tensions on the Korean Peninsula became more tense, and Mediterranean shipping was concerned that the credit rating of the Korea Industrial Bank as a state-owned bank could decline as soon as North Korea had a military conflict.

South Korean observers believe that Mediterranean shipping is using the DPRK issue for their own to seek more benefits. Mediterranean Shipping emphasizes North Korea's problem in order to cut the contract price or change some of the details. Analysts at Meritz Securities pointed out that Mediterranean shipping meant that the shipyard should obtain a prepayment bond issued by a major international bank with a higher credit rating; the other could be that Mediterranean shipping was trying to depress prices or adjust the ship on the basis of the North Korean problem Quantity.

However, there are domestic industry sources said that if the DPRK nuclear test more and more frequent, military conflict will be possible at any time outbreak, no one can predict the current changes, therefore, the Mediterranean shipping concerns are normal, and even do not rule out the future in the Chinese shipyard to re- The possibility of a single order, because relative to the Korean government, the Chinese government "endorsement" of the shipbuilding industry is clearly more secure. However, there are domestic crowds of logistics XX who said that if the DPRK nuclear test more and more frequent, military conflict will be at any time possible outbreak, no one can predict the current changes in the situation, therefore, the Mediterranean shipping concerns are normal, and even do not rule out the future China shipyard re-order the possibility, because relative to the South Korean government, the Chinese government "endorsement" of the shipbuilding industry is clearly more secure.

Happiness is the way

Le 30 septembre 2017, 10:12 dans Humeurs 0

Many people think that when they become rich and successful, happiness will naturally follow.

Let me tell you that nothing is further from the truth.

The world is full of very rich people who are as miserable as if they were living in hell.

We have read stories about movie stars who committed suicide or died from drugs.

Quite clearly, money is not the only answer to all problems.

Wealth obtained through dishonest means does not bring happiness.

Lottery winnings do not bring happiness.

Gamble winnings do not bring happiness.

To my mind, the secret to happiness lies in your successful work, in your contribution towards others’ happiness and in your wealth you have earned through your own honest effort.

If you obtain wealth through luck or dishonest means, you will know that it is ill earned money.

If you get your money by taking advantage of others or by hurting others, you will not be happy with it.

You will think you are a base person.

Long-term happiness is based on honesty, productive work, contribution, and self-esteem.

Happiness is not an end; it is a process.

It is a continuous process of honest, productive work which makes areal contribution to others and makes you feel you are a useful, worthy person.

As Dr. Wayne wrote, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

There is no use saying “Some day when I achieve these goals, when I get a car, build a house and own my own business, then I will be really happy.”

Life just does not work that way.

If you wait for certain things to happen and depend on external circumstances of life to make you happy, you will always feel unfulfilled.

There will always be something missing.

like chocolate chips

Le 5 septembre 2017, 06:38 dans Humeurs 0

Fried ice cream sounds like a lot of things: A complete disaster and the inspiration for Katy Perry's Hot N Cold are the first couple that come to mind — but, in reality, it's neither. (Unless Katy Perry isn't telling us something.) Turns out, when you drop a ball of ice cream coated in cereal or cookie crumbs into a vat of screaming hot oil, it actually frys instead of melting down into an unrecognizable mess.

Sam Chau and his brother Nelson started hawking the dessert at local street fairs seven years ago, and just this April, they opened a Sam's Fried Ice Cream brick-and-mortar shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There's not much in the way of seating, but the fried ice cream isn't something you luxuriate over, anyway. Once you crack through the fried coating, the ice cream starts doing what it does best: melting.

All of the balls of ice cream are pre-frozen at -5 degrees. Once you choose your flavor — there's everything from green tea to rainbow vanilla, but cookies and cream is a favorite — the ball is unwrapped, dunked in flour and batter, then in a coating of your choosing: Oreos, Cornflakes, bread crumbs. The Chau brothers are always tinkering with new ideas for those — Nelson wants to launch a red velvet ball for Valentine's Day — but it's the endless toppings that customers go crazy for. You can pile on whatever you want, like chocolate chips, M&M's, and Oreos. Trust us: You're going to want a lot sop up all that melty ice cream at the end.

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